20 Winter Activities The Whole Family Will Love


Now that the holiday season is over and we recover from the overly booked schedules of November and December; January and February feel like the months that never end. According to a survey done by YouGovAmerica, neither winter month has many fans especially those who are seasonally affected.

Depending on where you live, daylight is still minimal and by the time we’re done with work or school it’s cold and dark and many of us lose motivation to do anything but sit on the couch and watch tv…even on the weekends. So, we’ve taken the liberty to comprise a list of 20 winter activities that can raise your spirits and bring you closer together with your family or friends while actually enjoying winter.


1.      Play in the snow

This one seems obvious, but the snow can be your best friend or your biggest foe. You must decide if you’re going to grumble about it or play in it! Whether you’re sledding, tubing, having a snowball fight, skiing, or snowboarding there are many fun and athletic ways to play in the snow and spend time together.

2.      Have a movie marathon

On the other hand, especially for those days where there’s more ice than snow on the ground, curling up with your family favorites is a perfect way to spend time together. Add some hot chocolate, ice cream or popcorn with M&Ms to complete the movie night.

3.      Build a fort or ninja warrior course

It’s inevitable, being stuck indoors usually results in cries of ‘I’m bored!’. Well, there’s no better way to kick boredom to the curb than by building the most epic fort of all forts! Gather every cushion, pillow, blanket, and non-breakable piece of furniture possible to build the fort or ninja course of your dreams!

4.      Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is a fantastic activity because most local rinks are open until later in the evening. This is the perfect family activity to shake off the mid-week grumbles and end the week on a great note.

5.      Spend the day in the kitchen

We have come to LOVE cooking and baking as a family! Kick the blues to the curb with a home cooked dinner and dessert that you spent all day making together. Who knows, maybe new traditions or creating a family favorite will come from it!

6.      Set up a scavenger hunt

This activity does require a little more planning, but it can be such a fun way to spend the afternoon! What is even better is that you can do this indoors or outside depending on what your family prefers!

7.      Play a game

There are hundreds of games out there that can make time fly by and are so much fun! Grab a board game, card game, a video game or even tap into your creative side and come up with a completely new game that only you know how to play…then proceed to teach it to everyone you know!

8.      Ride in a Horse Drawn Sleigh or Dog Sled

If you live near or are visiting an area that gets a lot of snow in the winter, then there are usually some fantastic places you can go to take a ride in a horse drawn sleigh or if you want to be extra adventurous, you can hop on the back of a dog sled and fly through the backwoods!

9.      Spend the day crafting

Tap into your creative side and pull out all the paint, pipe cleaners and hot glue you have to create your next masterpiece. At the end of the day set them up and rope them off to create your very own exhibit in a museum.

10.  Go Ice Fishing

We know ice fishing isn’t for everyone, but if you haven’t gone before it’s absolutely worth a try! Grab your gear, bundle up against the cold weather and head out to the nearest frozen lake to see if you can catch yourself some dinner!

11.  Volunteer

What better way to beat the winter blues than by helping others! Whether you’re helping a friend, a neighbor or with a local organization, spending the day helping others will surely pass the day by quickly.

12.   Have a Dance Party

Turn on your favorite playlist and get your groove on! You’ll have fun, make memories, and burn some calories.

13.  Make a movie

You can write an original screenplay or reenact a tale as old as time. Dress up as your favorite characters and grab your phone to make a feel good movie that you can look back on and laugh about years down the line!

14.  Go to a show

Go online, get your tickets, and grab the family to check out the newest movie or the latest performance happening in town!

15.  Enjoy a museum

Museums are a forgotten treasure…just like the items in them! But really, there are so many different types of museums you can experience. There are museums for everyone; children’s museums for play, science museums for learning, art museums for the refined eye and even some strange museums for those who like weird things. The best part is most museums are relatively inexpensive or free depending on when you go!

16.  Host a party

The people we love always make things better! Call or text your closest friends, cook up some tacos, grab a boardgame and throw on some music and voila! You will have a party full of your favorite people and make memories for years to come!

17.  Read a book together

Reading together can be such a fun time. You can share your favorite adventures with your kids and create new ones as a family. Add to the fun by throwing on some costumes and give each character a special voice to bring the stories to life.

18.  Sing Karaoke

Face your fear of stage fright and put on your favorite song to sing in the shower. Karaoke can be done just for fun, or you can turn it into a competition and have your own version of American Idol!

19.  Try a New Restaurant

Take the night off from cooking and finally try out the new restaurant that opened down the road; well maybe it’s not new anymore because you’ve wanted to try it for 3 years now…but you get the point!

20.  Just get in the Car and Drive

This activity is really only advised as long as the weather is good enough to drive in, BUT, grab some snacks, load everyone up and hit the road! Make random stops to see the sights or park somewhere and take an impromptu hike to the highest peak.

No matter which activities you choose, spending the day with your loved ones is sure to bring a smile to your face and wipe the winter blues away. Be sure to share this list with friends and keep it accessible for those days that you need a little help passing the day. Also, be sure to check out our site; we’re dropping new products and gift ideas each month to help you stay inspired and encouraged all year long!



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